CLS – Cryo Linear Scanner

A linear scanner series for all-round fine positioning applications in a cryo-vacuum.
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Product description

A linear scanner series for all-round fine positioning applications in a cryo-vacuum. Special attention is given to realize a robust mechanism that can tolerate significant handling and payload forces. The central open aperture allows the transfer of fibers, wires or light through the scanner body. The xy-scanner can be simply combined with the z-scanner for motion along all 3 linear axes. The use of non-magnetic materials allows operation in high magnetic fields

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specsunitCLS1-XY CLS1-ZCLS2-XY
Active axes -xyz xy
Type of motion--Linear
Scan actuator --Piezo ceramic
Scan range @ 300K, unipolar voltage µm 30 x 30 28
Scan range @ 4K, unipolar voltage * µm 8 x 8 8 27 x 27
Scan range @ 4K, bipolar voltage ** µm14 x 141350 x 50
Open aperture diametermm 31,511
Maximum load, any direction N 555
Operating temperatureK-0.02-375
Main construction material--Titanium
Massgrams-10 63
Max driving frequency, no load Hz 303030
Controller/driver-CAB-230(115), CADM2, PSM
Sensor readout -N/A
* Using a CADM2, -20V to +130V, 10 bits resolution, setpoint rate approx. 10Hz. Alternative: PSM amplifier with PSMIL -20V to +130V.
** Using the PSM without PSMIL, this is only allowed at deep cryogenic temperatures and -150V to +150V is not to be exceeded.

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CLS1-XY: Cryo Linear Stage 1 for xy motion
CLS1-Z: Cryo Linear Stage 1 for z motion
I1-CLS1: Interface plate to mount CLS1-XY or CLS1-Z on CBS10
CLS2-XY: Cryo Linear Stage 2 for xy motion



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