CBS – Cryo Bearing Stage

An all-round linear positioner, which can easily be combined to multiple axes

Product description

The Cryo Bearing Stage (CBS) is a robust linear stage for all-round applications in a cryo-vacuum and will run both horizontally and vertically. The combination of long range stepping motion and short range scanning offers nanometer positioning over the full range. The use of non-magnetic materials allows operation in high magnetic fields. It is equipped with high performance full ceramic linear roller guides for maximum stiffness and mechanical stability. The guides are spring preloaded, ensuring consistent performance with playfree and smooth running from ambient to cryogenic temperatures.

Product options

– RLS (Resistive feedback sensor)

Active axes1
Type of motionLinear, any orientation
Coarse/scanning actuator *Piezo ceramic
Coarse Rangemm105,5
Speed @ ambientmm/s33
Speed @ 4Kmm/s11
Min. step size @ ambientnm150150
Min. step size @ 4Knm5050
Scan Range @ ambientµm88
Scan Range @ 4Kµm 1.61,6
Scanner sensitivity @ ambient **nm/V6666
Scanner sensitivity @ 4K **nm/V1313
Driving force @ ambientN22
Driving force @ 4KN11
Payload for horizontal motionkg10,5
Payload for vertical motionkg0.060.05
Mechanical endstopsat begin and end of range
Operating temperatureK0.02-375
Main construction materialTitanium, bronze, ceramic
Controller/driverCAB-230(115), CADM2
Sensor readoutN/ARSMN/ARSM
* Coarse/scan positioning is both done with the CADM2, not simultaneously
** CADM2 -20 to +130V, 10 bits resolution, setpoint rate approx. 10Hz


CBS5: Cryo Bearing Stage 5
CBS5-RLS: CBS5 incl. Resistive Linear Sensor
I1-CBS5: Interface bracket for CBS5, to add z axis on x or xy
CBS10: Cryo Bearing Stage 10
CBS10-RLS: CBS10 incl. Resistive Linear Sensor
I1-CBS10: Interface bracket for CBS10, to add z axis on x or xy



CBS Operational in Cryo

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