CLD – Cryo Linear Drive

A linear positioner for long range applications up to 50mm

Product description

The Cryo Linear Drive (CLD) is a linear stage with an unrivaled 51.5 mm coarse stroke and close to 2 micron scanning range in a compact and robust package. This offers a solution for long stroke applications in cryogenic positioning. Optionally an optical encoder can be fitted for closed loop control. Moving parts are made out of non-magnetic phosphor bronze to minimize interaction with external magnetic fields.

Product options

– COE (Cryo optical encoder)

Active axes1
Type of motionLinear
Coarse/scanning actuator *Piezo ceramic
Coarse Rangemm51.5
Speed @ 293 Kmm/s5
Speed @ 4 Kmm/s3
Coarse step size @ 293 Kµm0.1 – 8
Coarse step size @ 4 Kµm0.1 – 5
Scan Range @ 293Kµm8
Scan Range @ 4Kµm1.6
Scanner sensitivity @ 293 K **nm/V66
Scanner sensitivity @ 4 K **nm/V13
Driving forceN5
Load capacitygrams200
Mechanical endstopsat begin and end of range
Operating temperatureK0.02 – 375
Main construction materialStainless steel, titanium, phosphor bronze
Dissipation @ 293KmJ/step1.5
Dissipation @ 4KmJ/step0.14
Encoder resolutionmmN/A0.1
Controller/driverCAB-230(115), CADM(2), MCM
Encoder readoutN/AOEM2
* Coarse/scan positioning is both done with the CADM(2), not simultaneously
** 0-150V, 10 bits resolution, setpoint rate approx. 10Hz

CLD1: CLD1 incl. Scanner
CLD1-COE: CLD1 incl. Scanner and Cryo Optical Encoder

CLD in Cryogenic Environments

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