CTTPS – Cryo Tip-Tilt-Piston Stage

Combined angle and focus adjustments of ½”and 1” optics, such as mirrors and lenses
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Product description

The Cryo Tip / Tilt / Piston Stage (CTTPS) accepts 1/2″ or 1” optical elements and can be operated in a cryo-vacuum environment. It is actuated with JPE’s Cryo Linear Actuators (CLA). Play of the tip / tilt / piston functionality is eliminated by built-in preload springs. Lateral position is not achieved via traditional v-groove constructions, but by using a deformable metal membrane. This feature not only eliminates play but also the erratic motion seen in the traditional designed tip tilt piston stages. The optics are clamped from the side with a single spring loaded screw.

Active axes-3
Type of motion-Tip / Tilt / Piston
Optical diametermm (inch)12.7 (1/2)25.4 (1)
Open optical aperture diametermm11.521
System tip / tilt range w.r.t optics centredeg± 7.2± 5.6
System piston rangemm± 1.5
Coarse actuator-CLA2201
Main construction material-Titanium, stainless steel
Specifications are given for individual actuators unless otherwise mentioned.
See interface drawing for transformation matrix from actuator outputs to system motion.
Coarse rangemm± 1.5
Coarse step size @ 293 Knm5-25
Coarse step size @ 4 Knm1-5
Operating temperatureK0.02-375
Coarse actuator spindle pitchmm/turn0.25
Controller/driver-CAB-230(115), CADM(2), MCM

HV rated positioners can realistically be considered compatible with pressures as low as 1E-8 mbar. Lower pressures can be achieved by prolonged baking of positioners in vacuum at 100-150 deg C, depending on the type of positioner. Upon request JPE can provide such service at additional costs.

CTTPS1/2 /HV: Cryo Tip/Tilt/Piston Stage 1/2”
CTTPS1 /HV: Cryo Tip/Tilt/Piston Stage 1”

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