Nano Stepper Actuator Ultra High Vacuum (NSAU)

  • UHV compatible (completely sealed)
  • Contamination free (no particle generation)
  • Welded stainless steel construction
  • Suited for harsh environments (dust)
  • Nanometer resolution
  • Absolute positioning
  • Push-pull load capacity, large stroke: 10 mm
  • Self-locking (set-and-forget)
  • Compatible with industrial motion systems

Product description

The Nano Stepper Actuator (NSAU) is a completely sealed linear actuator developed for highly accurate positioning in Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) or UItra Clean Environments. A stepper motor combined with a high quality reduction and ball screw offers backlash free nanometer resolution and high load capacity. Electrical limit switches and motor temperature sensing are standard integrated and the absolute encoder offers the user high resolution position feedback and absolute position information, even after a power-off.

Active axes1
Type of motionx
Max. velocitymm/s0.1
Step resolution nominalnm50 (full step)
Step resolution bestnm2.5 (20x micro stepping)
Repeatability2 x step resolution
Accuracy full strokeµm6 (IT5)
Axial load capacityN± 300
Radial load capacityN5% of actual axial load
Axial stiffnessN/m2e7
Vacuum compatibilityUHV
Bake-out temperature °C<80
Stepper motor2 phase, bipolar
Max current / phaseA<0.8
Resistance / phaseΩ5.4
Inductance / phasemH1.5
Limit switchesNormally open, switch to GND
Thermal sensorPt1000, keep below 80 ° C
Encoder voltageVDC4.75-5.5
Encoder current, typicalA0.08
Encoder resolution *12 bit ST
12 bit MT
Encoder interfaceSSI, RS485/RS422 compatible
ControllerCAB-230(115), NCM1
* ST is SingleTurn resolution, counts per revolution
MT is MultiTurn resolution, the number of countable revolutions

NSAU-010A: Base product: Nano Stepping Actuator UHV, absolute encoder

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