A cryogenic positioning stage with nanometer accuracy and stability



 Parallel kinematics, high stiffness design
High internal resonances, up to 4kHz
Coarse motion using Cryo Linear Actuators
Choice of 3 types with unique features
CPSHR1: compact, high resonances, titanium
CPSHR2: large stroke, lower resonances, higher thermal conductivity, phosphor bronze
CPSHR3: large stroke, high resonances, optimal thermal conductivity, aluminium
Scanner option “S”
Cryo Optical Encoder option “COE”


The Cryo Positioning Stage High Resonance (CPSHR) is a XYZ positioning stage developed for use in a cryo-vacuum environment. Parallel kinematics result in a light and stiff stage with very high internal resonance frequencies, making it less sensitive to floor vibrations (read our application note on Cavity Stability Measurements). The CPSHR1 is the most compact design with small stroke and high resonances. The CPSHR2 has large stroke and improved thermal conductivity but lower resonances. The CPSHR3 combines the best of both worlds with large stroke, further optimized thermal conductivity and high resonances. Read our Precision Point sheet for additional information on the CPSHR system.

Active axes-3
Type of motion-x, y, z with parasitic RxRy
System Range *mm^3approx. 1x1x1approx. 10x10x4approx. 8x8x4
System scan range @4Kµm^3approx. 1x1x0.5N/Aapprox. 10x10x1.6N/Aapprox. 10x10x1.6N/Aapprox. 8x8x1.6N/Aapprox. 8x8x1.6
Parasitic angle from xy strokemrad/mm201417
Coarse actuator-CLA2201CLA2601
Scanning actuator-Piezo ceramicN/APiezo ceramicN/APiezo ceramicN/APiezo ceramicN/APiezo ceramic
Endstops **-at z -0.5mmat z -3mm and z +3mm
Main construction material-TitaniumPhosphor Bronze (improved thermal conductivity, lower resonances)Aluminium (optimal thermal conductivity, high resonances)
1st natural frequencykHzxy:1.5 / z:4,0xy: 1.2 / z: 2.2xy: 0.55 / z: 2.2xy: 1.2 / z: 2.2xy: 0.55 / z: 2.2xy: 2 / z: 3.7xy: 1.5 / z: 3.7xy: 2 / z: 3.7xy: 1.5 / z: 3.7
Specifications are given for individual actuators unless otherwise mentioned. See interface drawing for transformation matrix from actuator outputs to system motion
Coarse rangemm± 0.5± 3
Scan range @ 293 Kµm2.5N/A8N/A8N/A8N/A8
Scan range @ 4 Kµm0.5N/A1.6N/A1.6N/A1.6N/A1.6
Coarse step size @ 293 Knm5-25
Coarse step size @ 4 Knm1-5
Scanner sensitivity @ 293 Knm/V25N/A66N/A66N/A66N/A66
Scanner sensitivity @ 4 Knm/V5N/A13N/A13N/A13N/A13
Load capacitygrams100200
Operating temperatureK0.8-3750.02-3751.5-375
Massgrams300 12301450510570
Coarse actuator spindle pitchmm/turn0.25
Coarse actuator encoder resolution ***PPRN/AN/A850N/A850
Controller/driver-CAB-230(115), CADM(2), MCM
Encoder readout-N/AN/AOEM2N/AOEM2
* Typical volume for positioning. Due to the parallel kinematics the indicated max values are not necessarily simultaneously achievable. On the other hand max values can be bigger when strokes along other axes are limited.
** Endstops are placed close to, but not coincident with each actuator motion axis. Together they define a system z-position, with x and y being 0. Touching multiple endstops in an uncontrolled manner with x and y not being 0 can cause the system to jam and could require manual action to free it.
*** Linear resolution can be found by dividing the spindle pitch by PPR (pulses per revolution)

Ordering Information

 CPSHR1-S CPSHR1 incl. Scanner
CPSHR2-S CPSHR2 incl. Scanner
CPSHR2-COE CPSHR2 incl. Cryo Optical Encoder
CPSHR2-S-COE CPSHR2 incl. Scanner and Cryo Optical Encoder
CPSHR3-S CPSHR3 incl. Scanner
CPSHR3-COE CPSHR3 incl. Cryo Optical Encoder
CPSHR3-S-COE CPSHR3 incl. Scanner and Cryo Optical Encoder

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Movement Animation

A short 3D animation that provides a simple way to show how JPE’s Cryo Positioning Stage High Resonance (CPSHR) system works.

DEMO: scan pattern using position control

The movie shows a sequence of 27 position setpoints within a 20micron cube space distribution (black dots). This sequence is executed by the CPSHR2-S-COE in Servodrive mode. The motion of the CLA’s between the setpoints is not actively synchronized or speed controlled. Each of the 3 CLA’s is simply started and runs the required distance as required by the given setpoint. As a consequence some need to run longer than others or move somewhat faster/slower causing the motion between the setpoints to be not perfectly straight, but it will be as fast as possible.

Please note that these small displacements of the output axes are not clearly visible (although it does, you don’t actually see the round sample table in the center moving), however you can see the three actuators rotate.