A modular controller system for Cryo & Nano Positioning products of JPE



 Cabinet houses up to 6 modules
 Includes power supply for all available modules
 Includes USB (HID) and Ethernet (LAN) interface
 Suitable for all Cryo & Nano Positioning products
 19″ rack mountable desktop case
 Support for multiple cabinets
Available for 115VAC or 230VAC mains
Control Software for Windows OS

Download Controller Software & (Software) User Manuals

Please read the Application Note first when using Software v5.3 or v6.0 and Controllers with an USB & LAN connection on a Windows 8 or 10 system.

Check the sticker near the IEC inlet on the back of the cabinet to identify the CPS Cabinet Serial ID. No serial? click here to contact JPE!)

CPS Cabinet Serial IDUser Software version
(click to download zip file)
User Manual(s)
(click to download pdf file)
1038E201905-XXv6.0.20200224 (Windows OS)Software User Manual
v5.3.20181010 (Windows OS)Hardware | Software
v5.3.20180131 (Windows OS)Hardware | Software
v5.2b.20170313 (Windows OS)Hardware | Software
1038E201605-003v5.1b.20160530 (Windows OS)Hardware | Software
v5.0.20150223 (Windows OS)Hardware & Software
v4.0.20140731 (Windows OS)Hardware & Software
v2.3.20121008 (Windows OS)Hardware & Software


The Cryo Positioning Systems Controller is a modular controller system for all JPE Cryo Actuator products. This controller consist of a 19” desktop Base Cabinet (CAB) and can fit up to 6 function specific modules (brochures for each available module can be found below). The CAB includes a Power Supply Unit as well as a USB HID and Ethernet LAN connection for communication with a desktop computer or laptop (Basedrive or Servodrive). Control software for PC (Windows OS) can be downloaded for free on this page (see section above).


CPSC with CADM2, PSM and MCM

Base Cabinet (CAB)

19” desktop Base Cabinet (CAB) and can fit up to 6 function specific modules.

Houses up to 6 modules
Includes power supply for all available modules
Includes USB (HID) and Ethernet (LAN) interface
Suitable for: CADM(2), OEM2, PSM and MCM
19″ rack mountable desktop case
Support for multiple cabinets
Available for 115VAC or 230VAC mains

Show CAB specifications
Number of slots-6
Mains voltageVAC115230
Mains frequencyHz6050
Power consumption (max)*W260
Power supply input connector**-IEC inlet, fused
Communication interfaces***USB (HID), Ethernet (LAN)
Supported mounting options-19" / 3U rack mountable
Mass (without modules)grams6500
Dimensions (LxHxD)mm470 x 140 x 300
* depends on number of installed modules
** includes a suitable power supply cable with either EU or VS plug and length ca. 2.5m
*** includes a suitable USB A to B cable with length 3.0m. LAN cable not supplied.

Cryo Actuator Driver Module 2 (CADM2)

Module for driving one Cryo Linear Actuators (CLA) by generating a high voltage setpoint profile.

Quadratic set point profile to reduce vibrations
Temperature dependent setpoint compensation
Analog input available (for external DAQ system)
Short circuit and overcurrent protection
Thermal overload protection
Status LEDs on front panel
Fits in Cryo Actuator Base Cabinet (CAB)

Show CADM2 specifications >
Output channels-1
Compatible with-CLA
Power supply via-CAB-115 or CAB-230
Output voltage (per channel)V-20 … +130
-Floating output*
Frequency rangeHz1 … 600
Step size range%0…100 of max output
Output connector-LEMO EPG.1B.303.HLN
External (analog) Input rangeV-10 … +10V
-Output frequency and direction as function of input voltage
External (analog) Input connector-BNC
Control (via PC)-Basedrive, Servodrive or Flexdrive
Control (stand-alone)-Manual Control Module (MCM)
Dimensions-3U / 14HP
*Reference must not be connected to common ground (!)

Optical Encoder Module 2 (OEM2)

The Optical Encoder Module 2 (OEM2) has 3 inputs for Cryo Optical Encoders (-COE option).

3 input channels (simultaneous readout)
Suitable for all products with the -COE option
Reduced laser power, minimize dissipation COE
Counter data available as Quadrature AB output
Status LEDs on front panel
Fits in Cryo Actuator Base Cabinet (CAB)

Show OEM2 specifications >
Input channels-3 (simultaneous readout)
Compatible with-COE
Counter range--2^17 … (2^17)-1
Counter type-Dual edge, bi-directional
Laser output power**µW< 5
Input connector-FC/APC narrow key, female
External output-Quadrature AB* (5[V] TTL)
External in-/output connector-Sub-D, 25p, male
Control (via PC)-Basedrive, Servodrive or Flexdrive
Power supply via-CAB-115 or CAB-230
Dimensions-3U / 14HP
* OEM2 requires an external direction signal as input (5V TTL).
User has to supply this signal to the External in-/output connector
** Laser source is a Class 3B type (5mW, invisible light). Module is designed
such that the laser light on connector output is signifcantly reduced.

Piezo Scanning Module (PSM)

Module for driving up to 3 piezo stacks individually by using 3 separate voltage amplifiers.

 A/B topology voltage amplifier
 3 independent high voltage output channels
 High bandwidth, low noise outputs
 Over temperature protection
 Current protection
 Status LEDs on front panel
Fits in Cryo Actuator Base Cabinet (CAB)

Show PSM specifications >
Output channels-3 (parallel operation)
Amplifier topology-A/B
Input voltage rangeV-10 … 10
Voltage GainV/V15 ± 1%
Output voltage range (nom)V-150 … 150
Output voltage range (max)V-180 … 180
Output noise (DC-50kHz)mVpp≤3
Output currentmA≤ 100
Capacitive loadµ F≤5
Bandwidth (Vout < 10Vpp, 100nF load)Hz5000
Bandwidth (Vout < 300Vpp, 100nF load)Hz1000
Dynamic rangedB≥ 103.5
Slew rate (100nF load)V/ µ s10
Output offset (static)mV≤5
Non-linearity (full scale)%≤0.05
Sensitivity (dgain/dVin)1/V0.015
Input impedancekΩ100
Input connector-BNC
Output connector-LEMO EPG.1B.303.HLN
Over temperature protection-Automatic Off/On
Current protection-Fuse 100[mA]
Power supply via-CAB-115 or CAB-230
Control (via PC)-Flexdrive
Dimensions-3U / 14HP
PSM Input Limiter (PSMIL)

PSM Input Limiter (PSMIL)

Input Limiter for the Piezo Scanning Module (PSM). Input voltages will be limited to a projected PSM output voltage of -20[V] to +130[V].

 Signal conditioner with hard limiting action
 3 input channels
 Suitable for CPSHRx-S, CTTPSx-S, CHPS-S-COE

Show PSMIL specifications >
Limiting Style-Discontinuous
Input VoltageV-10-10
Output Voltage*V-1.33-8.66
Output Noise µVrms--300
Large Signal Bandwidth (-3dB) within limit range (10Vpp)kHz0-65
Optimized for large signal frequencies with limiting actionkHz0-5
Non-linearity within limit range%--0.2
Input ImpedancekOhm-100-
Power supply via-100-240VAC Wall adapter
Power dissipationW-1.5-
Stabilisation Time after power ons--5
Dimensions (LxHxD)mm108,5 x 30 x 80,5
For use with-PSM
* when connected to a PSM this translates to a PSM output voltage range of -20[V] to +130[V]

Ordering Information

CAB-115 Cryo Actuator Base Cabinet, 115 VAC (mains input)
CAB-230 Cryo Actuator Base Cabinet, 230 VAC (mains input)
CADM2 Cryo Acutator Driver Module (single axis, Basedrive, Servodrive and Flexdrive)
PSM Piezo Scanning Module (3 axes, parallel operation, Flexdrive only)
PSMIL PSM Input Limiter
OEM2 Optical Encoder Module (3 axes parallel, Basedrive, Servodrive and Flexdrive)
ACL Ambient Cable, 3m with connector for CADM or PSM
AF5 Ambient Fibre (FC/APC, FC/APC)

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