Isolation platform for attenuation of cryostat cold plate vibrations



 3 DoF vibration attenuation inside the cryostat
 Vibration attenuation just below the experiment
 High insensitivity to cables and thermal braids
 High payload to carry the complete experiment
 Optimal performance with JPE stages
 High Q factor (no forced damping)
 All phosphor bronze construction, nonmagnetic
 Central open aperture
Up to 6kg load capacity


The Cryo Vibration Isolation Platform (CVIP) is a passive vibration isolation platform with z, Rx and Ry attenuation of floor vibrations (read our application note on  Z-Transmissibility Measurements). It is placed directly on the cryostat cold plate and carries the experiment. It is a relatively stiff spring design, which results in atypical high cut-off frequencies and high payload. Although this will limit the damping of low frequencies, compared to conventional dampers with low cut-off frequencies, it is much more insensitive to added cables and thermal braids between cold plate and experiment. These can become the limiting factor for stability in conventional dampers.

Isolated axes-z, Rx, Ry
Main dimensionsmmø 50 x 21.8ø90 x 25.8ø120 x 26.3
Central open aperturemmø16ø22ø45
Max payloadkg0.51.56
Moving mass excluding payloadkg0.070.410.69
Linear stiffnes z-axis*N/m3.90E+047.80E+044.70E+05
Rotation stiffness x-axis*Nm/rad7.847.5613
Rotation stiffness y-axis*Nm/rad7.847.5613
Rotation axis position below platformmm-14.7-18.2-17.6
z, Rx, Ry cut-off frequencies @ max payload**Hz42, 12, 1232, 17, 1742, 30, 30
Bi-directional-can be used upside down (hanging)
Overload protection endstopsmm+/-0.5
Main construction material-Phosphor bronze
* ±20%
** ±10%. Payload center of gravity on center axis, 35mm above platform

Ordering Information

 CVIP1 50mm platform vibration isolator
CVIP2 90mm platform vibration isolator
CVIP3 120mm platform vibration isolator

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