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We are experts in the development and realization of custom high-tech systems and scientific instruments for applications where accurate positioning is involved. By mastering the skills of precision engineering, mechatronics and control design we realize pioneering solutions for your applications in ambient, vacuum and cryogenic environments.

1991-2016 | 25th Anniversary

We thank All Our Loyal Customers!

JPE Team

25 years JPE
25 years of creating custom mechatronic solutions
25 years of creativity and out of the box thinking
25 years of engineering for accurate positioning
25 years of development and improving for new applications
25 years of positioning in vacuum and cryo
25 years of ‘solving’ instead of ‘selling’

Why choose us?

Turnkey Solutions

You can trust us to provide a tailored solution for your application where accurate positioning is involved. In ambient, vacuum or cryogenic environment. For static and dynamic applications.

Expert in the Field

We have over 25 years experience in designing for precision positioning applications. Our creativity is only limited by the laws of physics. Our innovation power is proven by a long list of patents.

Let's do it!

Our approach is pragmatic. Being an independent company we can adapt to your needs and act quick and effectively. We are committed to solve your positioning challenge!

Our Award Winning Skills & Technology Will Get The Job Done

Masters in Flexure Design
Lifetime Achievement Award
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