Cryo & UHV Products

Cutting edge positioning solutions to enable groundbreaking scientific experiments in cryogenic and ultra high vacuum environments.
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A plug and play solution for every cryogenic or vacuum application

Whether you need linear or rotational motion, for single or multiple axes, our portfolio of products can solve every need.

One controller to rule them all

Our modular controller adapts to your needs. No need to buy a separate controller for every product, functionality can be easily added or interchanged depending on the required actuators. 

The controller enables direct communication from any system, whether it be a PC, PLC or proprietary hardware and can be easily integrated with popular software like NI LabVIEW®, MathWorks MATLAB®, EPICS or Python.

Custom-made projects

Do you have a special requirement? We also offer project-based developments for bespoke solutions. From concept to realisation.

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