Systems for Mechanization of Production Processes

Development of industrial systems for the mechanization of production processes where high precision is involved. Creating equipment to enable new production processes by joint development with our customers.

Adapting to Different Markets

Experienced in adapting to specific needs and markets

Short Time to Market

Effective transfer of customer knowlegde into a solution

First-of-a-Kind System Development

We are skilled to transfer ideas into working hardware

Service and Support over Lifecycle

Maintenance and service is part of the job

A Solution for Every Application

The basis of engineering is finding solutions in hardware for operations that are streneous, ineffective or impossible for humans. From the invention of the wheel to state-of-the-art production equipment. With our inginuity and pragmatic engineering approach we can develop solutions for a broad range of applications. These are our assets.

What do we Offer

Different applications, similar solutions, same methods

When talking to customers we sometimes hear: “We see that you develop innovative solutions for mechanization or automation purposes, but we are in a specific market where you don’t have experience.” It is seen as a drawback for a possible cooperation. Of course we understand the point, but in fact we think it should be seen as an advantage. Over the years we have worked in many different applications and markets. This gives us the ability to combine existing solution principles, from different markets or technology areas, into new solutions for new customers and new applications. This enables us to come up with innovative solutions that can provide our customers a leading advantage in the market.

Joint development for optimal result

The customer has the knowledge about the process or application, and also the insights in the specific needs of their market. We have the skills to come up with innovative solutions to transform these ideas into working equipment. By close cooperation during the development phase we ensure to have an optimal solution in the end, even though specifications are invented, changed or discarded during development.

Maintenance and support

Our focus lies in the development of new applications or systems. 24/7 service and maintenance of existing systems in the field needs a different type of engineers and organization. Therefor we involve our established network of subcontractors to guarantee the continued responsibility of the entire life cycle of our systems.

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Involved in Every Step

JPE’s core competences focus on the (concept) development of new systems from idea to a qualified prototype or first-of-a-kind system.
However we can also take responsibility for series production, service and sustaining our designs by involving our established network of qualified partners. Of course it is also possible for our customers to make use of their own organization and supply chain for series production and aftercare. Due to our high quality documentation standards an efficient and effective knowledge transfer is guaranteed.

Business Cases

We respect the confidential nature of the work that we perform for our customers. Therefore we can only display a small collection of our developments. Feel free to contact us to discuss any opportunity.

Particle-Free Spray Coater

Improve the Quality of a Coating Process


A customer used a commercial spraycoating system to apply a coating to their products. The coating should act as an electrical non-conductive sealing layer. The yield of the production was poor due to entrapment of particle within the applied layer. JPE was involved to investigate this issue in order find ways to improve the production yield.


The layout of the spraycoater was such that the YXZ motion stage was vertically above the coating area. Although some design measures were taken to trap any particle realeased from the drive system, the drive system was the suspected contamination source from the start. The nature of the trapped particles in the coating was then closely investigated, confirming the prior hypothesis. This conclusion set the direction for the solution to be developed.


A new spraycoating system was developped with the key feature that the coating process chamber was completely seperated from the XYZ motion stage compartment. Each compartment is equipped with an individual (underpressure) exhaust. Between the compartments a neutral pressure area is designed to ensure there will be no cross-over of any particles. With the new system the production yield increased with double digit percentages, giving the customer the ability to accelerate production numbers significantly.

Diamond Alignment Tray

Engraving of Diamond Faceted Gemstones


Diamond faceted gemstones are encrypted with a serial number for security reasons. This is done by laser engraving the number on a facet of the girdle. The gemstone needs to be prealigned first which was done so far in the engraving system under a microscope camera at the actual exposure location. Hence the laser, which is by far the cost driving module in the system, is used very ineffectively making the cost of operation poorly competative.


A supplier of these engravement systems involved us to develop a tray concept that should enable alignment of the gemstones outside the engraver. In such a way the engravement laser can be used much more effective. The system will be used by experienced gemcutters, who completely rely on their existing handcraft skills. We recognized this as a crucial factor in the design and achieved easy acceptance of our solution by leaving most of the existing skilled manual and operations as before.


By building up true understanding of the application, the process and the operator’s needs we could come up with a unique solution that fitted integrally into the exisiting workflow. The tool was easily adopted by the operators as it was seen as a facilitating piece of equipment that did not erode their craftmanship. The production yield of the engraving sytems increased by more than an order without significant additional cost of goods. This provided the supplier of the engraving systems a leading edge advantage in their market.

Spindle for Laser Drilling Machine

Durability in Abrasive Environment


Wire draws are widely used for the extrusion production of metal wires. The extrusion part is a tapered bore in a synthetic diamond body, inserted in a metal casing. The fabrication of the dies is done by laser ablation. The die is rotating at high speed and a focussed laser beam ‘excavates’ a profiled bore by removing material with highly concentrated power. This creates diamond dust particles which ended up in the spindle bearings leading to excessive wear affecting production quality and uptime of the machine.


Based on the existing system, a thorough analyses was done to build understanding of the parameters that are involved in the dispersion of abrasive particles. It was clearly concluded that the implemented covers did not provide adequately protection and that measures should be taken to dispel the particles from the bearing. A sophisticated airflow layout was designed, that extracts all airborne particles directly at the ablation process such that they can’t cause harm.


A new spindle system was delivered as a retrofittable module. The module was installed during a planned maintenance stop. From then on, the unscheduled downtime of the system decreased significantly. Based on the improved the operational stability not only cost were saved, but also the delivery reliability to the customer improved which was a big step in customer satisfaction.

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