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Precision Engineering & Mechatronics: Why JPE? We Know How to Develop Bespoke Solutions in the Field of High Tech Mechatronics Systems and Instruments Custom Solutions You can trust us to provide a tailored solution for your application where accurate positioning is involved. In ambient, vacuum or cryogenic environment. For static and dynamic applications. Expert in […]

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Cutting Edge Positioning Solutions to Enable Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments Cryo-vacuum environments High stability and robustness Enabling groundbreaking science Trusted by: We have been testing the motors in our dilution refrigerator at 7mK. And they work excellently! Hugo DoelemanPostdoctoral researcher, ETH Zurich The Piezoknob motor has greatly improved the stability, rigidity, and reliability of our cryo […]


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Innovative Solutions Developed for Your Precision Application JPE is a leading expert in project based development of (opto-)mechanic and mechatronic systems for high precision applications. We work for customers in high-tech industry and scientific research that want to enhance their systems or tooling with advanced solutions in mechatronics or precision engineering. Learn more about what […]

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