CLA – Cryo Linear Actuator

A piezo driven setscrew with high force output and very good stability, ideal for set and forget applications

Product description

The Cryo Linear Actuator (CLA) is developed for nanometric positioning in a cryo-vacuum environment and can be seen as an actuated set screw. Piezo ceramics in the disc-shaped head generate torque pulses which cause the connected screw to rotate in the stationary nut yielding linear motion. Both screw and nut are ceramic and run without coatings which could be worn off due to extensive use. Being self-locking by nature stability in the sub-nanometer range is obtained. The result is an actuator suited for set and forget applications with nanometric step size and high driving forces.

Product options

– COE (Cryo optical encoder)

Active axes1
Type of motionx
Min. step size @ ambientnm515
Min. step size @ 4Knm13
Max. velocity @ ambientµm/s2575
Max. velocity @ 4Kµm/s1545
Axial stiffnessN/m8e7
Min. required preloadN3
Max. driving force @4KN203060
Operating frequencyHz1-600
Operating voltageV-20 … +130
Operating temperatureK0.02-375
Main construction materialStainless steel 316L, ceramic, aluminium (COE)
Screw pitchmm/turn0.25
Dissipation @ ambientmJ/step0.591.48
Dissipation @ 4KmJ/step0.0550.14
Encoder resolution *PPRN/A710N/A850N/A850
Controller/driverCAB-230(115), CADM2
Encoder readoutN/AOEM2N/AOEM2N/AOEM2
* Linear resolution can be found by dividing the spindle pitch by PPR (pulses per revolution)

CLA2201: Cryo Linear Actuator size 22
CLA2201-COE: CLA2201 incl. Cryo Optical Encoder
CLA2601: Cryo Linear Actuator size 26
CLA2601-COE: CLA2601 incl. Cryo Optical Encoder
CLA2603: Cryo Linear Actuator size 26, High Force Output
CLA2603-COE: CLA2603 incl. Cryo Optical Encoder

How It Works

Testing in Cryo

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