CVCA – Cryo Voice Coil Actuator

An electromagnetic linear force actuator for cryogenic and UHV operation
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Product description

The Cryo Voice Coil Actuator (CVCA) is an electromagnetic linear force actuator for cryogenic operation. The all-welded titanium construction with integrated power feedthrough pins hermetically encapsulates the coil making it also UHV compatible. The contactless nature of a voice coil actuator makes it especially suited for applications requiring smooth accurate positioning over the full stroke or for high lifetime applications like wafer probing.

specsunit symbol CVCA1
Active axes--1
Type of motion--Linear
Strokemms6 (-2,5 to +3.5)
Operating temperatureKTenv≈5 - 375 (lower limit set by superconductivity of titanium)
Main construction material--Titanium, nickel plated magnetically soft steel
Mass coil assembly (stator)gramsmstator41
Mass magnet assembly (mover)gramsmmover48
Radial clearancemm-0,35, both directions
Max. allowable coil temperature°CTcoil_max140 (180 wire specification)
Benchmark coil temperatures [2]--10K50K77K300K (air)
Coil resistanceOhmR0.00430.180.433.58
Voltage at peak forceVVFp0.0090.350.817.06
Current at peak forceAIFp2.081.921.881.5
Back EMF constantV/m/skBEMF3.834.174.264
Coil inductancemHL0,62 @ 100Hz
Force sensitivityN/Akf3.834.174.264
Actuator constantN/√Wka58.29.816.432.07
Max continuous force [3]NFss854.53
Peak force [4]NFp>8>886
Power at peak forceWPp0.0190.671.558.4
Power at max. continuous forceWPss0.0190.260.492.1
Power at 1N continuous forceW-0.00030.010.0240.23
Electrical time constant [5]msτE1443.441,440,17
Mechanical time constant [6]msτM0.0140.51.1410,7
Thermal resistance of coil assembly [7]K/WRstator789139112.2
Thermal resistance of magnet assembly [7]K/WRmover1.
Controller/driver--Current amplifier
1 At zero position.
2 Actual initial coil temperature at 10K tests was approx. 50K because of thermal resistances, 10K values from analysis.
3 At 100K coil temperature rise.
4 Allowed for 10 seconds. Values ≤50K limited by used current amplifier.
5 L/R.
6 (mmover*R )/(kf*kBEMF).
7 Theoretical from FEA. Coil assembly is based on radiation between windings and conduction through bobbin.

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CVCA1 /UHV: Cryo Voice coil actuator 1

Compatible with industrial motion controllers.

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