CS021 – Cryo stage 02

Plug and play orthogonal xyz motion with high payload capacity, fitting a 50mm bore

Product description

The CS021 offers orthogonal xyz positioning with high load capacity in a compact and robust package, fitting a 50mm bore. It combines 2 CBS10 positioners for xy motion with a CLA2601 positioner for vertical motion. The latter allows the CS021 to take loads up to 1kg. Sensors with absolute position output can be fitted on all axes when accurate positioning is required. The detachable reference frame offers a stable interface close to the sample table and is made of gold plated OFHC for highest thermal conductivity. It will allow users to attach parts at will, as needed in their experiment.

Product options

– RLS (Resistive feedback sensor)

Active axes3
Type of motionx, y, z, orthogonal
Coarse range *mm^3max 10 x 10 x 5
Scan range @ ambientµ m^38 x 8 x 8
Scan range @4Kµm^31.6 x 1.6 x 1.6
X and Y positioner (including scanning) **CBS10
Z positioner ***CLA2601
Z scanning actuatorpiezo ceramic
Z-scanner sensitivity @ ambientnm/V66
Z-scanner sensitivity @ 4 Knm/V13
Endstops ****xy +/-5mm and z +/- 3mm
Main construction materialsTitanium, Aluminium, Stainless steel
Load capacitygrams1000
Operating temperatureK0.8-375
Controller/driverCAB-230(115), CADM2
Sensor readoutRSM
Scanner module for z-scanner PSM, PSMIL
* See CS021 interface drawing for details
** See CBS product page for detailed information.
*** See CLA product page for detailed information
**** xy endstops can be touched without problems. Touching z endstops is ideally avoided and can be prevented by using
the RLS position feedback option. Touching them will not cause damage but could require manual action to free it.


CS021: Cryo Stage 021
CS021-RLS: CS021 incl. Resistive Linear Sensor on all axes
I1-CS021: Gold plated, detachable OFHC Interface/Reference Frame for the CS021



Cryo Stage 01 (CS021)

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