CSR – Cryo Sample Rotator

A compact, non-magnetic rotational positioner with high torque output and load capacity.
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Product description

The Cryo Sample Rotator (CSR) is a compact rotational positioner with high torque output and load capacity. It is non-magnetic and can be fitted with a resistive sensor for closed loop control.

specsunitCSR1 /HVCSR1-RRS /HV
Active axes-1
Type of motion-Rotational
Step/scan actuator *-Piezo ceramic
Step rangedegEndless
Speed @ 293 Kdeg/s30
Speed @ 4 Kdeg/s11
Smallest step size @ 293 Kmrad0.006
Smallest step size @ 4 Kmrad0.003
Scan range @ 293K **mrad0.6
Scan range @ 4K **mrad0,2
Driving torque @ 293 KNmm9
Driving torque @ 4 KNmm6
Load capacity, verticalgrams200
Central open aperture diametermm2
Operating temperatureK0.02 - 375
Main construction material-Titanium, ceramic
Active range of rotary sensordegN/A335
Controller/driver-CAB-230(115), CADM2
Sensor readout-N/ARSM
* Step/scan positioning is both done with the CADM2, not simultaneously
** CADM2 -30 to +120V, 10 bits resolution, setpoint rate approx. 10Hz

The RRS (Resistive Rotary Sensor) is a resistive based sensor that can be added to selected positioners for position feedback. A wiper slides over a resistive track and the measured voltage is a measure of position. Resolution is determined by electrical noise and length of the resistive track. It is an absolute sensor, which means that it will give the actual position, even after recovering from a power shutdown. The RRS requires the RSM electronics module as voltage source and position readout. More info can be found in the Downloads section.

HV rated positioners can realistically be considered compatible with pressures as low as 1E-8 mbar. Lower pressures can be achieved by prolonged baking of positioners in vacuum at 100-150 deg C, depending on the type of positioner. Upon request JPE can provide such service at additional costs.


CSR1 /HV: Cryo Sample Rotator 1 
CSR1-RRS /HV: Cryo Sample Rotator 1-Resistive Rotary Sensor


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